Westbrook not after triple-double record, MVP award, says target is a championship
Russell Westbrook is only after winning a championship, not the MVP award or setting new triple-double streak record. AP

RUSSELL Westbrook dismissed talks about how his stellar season so far has him pegged as the early leader in the NBA MVP race, and insisted he’s only after one trophy.

Westbrook saw his Jordanesque triple-double streak end at seven straight games, falling four assists shy of breaking Michael Jordan’s seven consecutive triple-doubles back in 1989 after the Oklahoma City star finished with 37 points, 12 rebounds and six assists to lead the Thunder to a 99-96 win over the Boston Celtics on Sunday (Monday, Manila time).

But prior to the game, Westbrook told reporters he doesn’t care about the winning the MVP award, as a championship is the only thing he’s after.   

“I don’t care honestly. A championship is always the most important thing to me,” Westbrook told ESPN NBA beat writer Royce Young before the Thunder faced the Boston Celtics on Sunday (Monday, Manila time).

He also shared in a post-game interview he’s not keeping track of the triple-double streak as well.

“I don’t care about that streak, man. I’m just happy we won,” said Westbrook.

In 23 games this season, the Thunder point guard is currently averaging 30.9 points, 10.9 rebounds and 11.3 assists. Westbrook has amassed a dozen triple doubles and his individual brilliance has helped lead the Thunder to a 15-9 record.  

Westbrook is the first player after Oscar Robertson to average a triple double in a season but the question is whether he can sustain the same pace the entire length of an NBA campaign?

One of his believers is Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, only behind Westbrook by three in the list of all-time triple doubles.

“Westbrook can do it,” James told ESPN, noting several factors that include the 6-3 playmaker's passion, athleticism, team role and the changed nature of the game.  

“He’s capable of doing it,” he said


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