WATCH Michael Jordan says there’s ‘No question’ he could beat LeBron James one-on-one in his prime
If they were to play right now, Michael Jordan feels Lebron James would be alittle too big for him. But in his prime, MJ says there is no question who would win. AP

MICHAEL Jordan knew it would be on the sports news when he was asked the question about playing LeBron James one-on-one.

“I know this is the ESPN question… I know it’s gonna be all over ESPN,” said His Airness.

It’s gone viral, of course.

The six-time-champion also knew what reply he was going to give, but held out and even repeated the question.

They Said It!

Im a big fan of both Lebron and Jordan. Pero iba ang competitiveness ni Jordan. He's not contented na makapasok lang sa finals, but he wants to get the championship whatever it takes!" - ML Bunda

“If I was in my prime, could I beat LeBron in a one-on-one game,” said Jordan.

A long pause, and a smile, then finally.

“No question.”

Here’s a video of the question and answer with participants at the Michael Jordan Flight School camp in Santa Barbara, California, posted by bayareahq

Jordan was also asked to pick who to play right now between Stephen Curry and LeBron James — hint: he thinks LeBron is a little bit too big for him now.

But if you want to get to that MJ-LeBron part, go ahead and slide to 3:40.

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