Lakers looking to improve analytics operations although coach Byron Scott's not a believer, yet  
Coach Byron Scott has been especially resistant to analytics, says the OC Register.   

THE Los Angeles Lakers are looking to improve on the use of analytics, although that may be against coach Byron Scott’s style.

The Lakers’ use of analytics, or lack of it, again was highlighted when it was reported LaMarcus Aldridge was unimpressed with the presentation during NBA free agency.

The Lakers plan to “create a position for a staff member to facilitate better communication between the basketball staff and those crunching the numbers,” according to The Orange County Register.

“Team officials felt that statistical analysis got lost in translation between the two branches of the organization, with statistics employees sometimes failing to understand the practical complications of making certain adjustments based on numbers, and the coaches not appreciating the value of the stats,” The OC Register’s Bill Oram wrote.

Mitch Kupchak had earlier mentioned in an interview that analytics are “of most use to a coaching staff.”

But Scott seems firm in his stand on data gathering and its use in coaching.

“I think we’ve got a few guys who believe in them,” he said. “I’m not one of them.”

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