Lebron James jersey worn in two Finals games sells for US$46,000 in auction
LeBron James jersey sales was eclipsed by Stephen Curry's during the playoffs but one shirt the the four-time MVP wore fetched $46,000 at an auctioin. AP

LEBRON James might have failed to top the jersey sales during the playoffs, but he can sure cash it in after one of his jersey’s sold for a cool $46,000 in auction.

The top of the blue and wine road uniform James wore during Games One and Two of the NBA Finals where his Cleveland Cavaliers went against the Golden State Warriors was the one that fetched the cool ampunt, according to to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, who added that LeBron is not the recipient of the money.

“When the NBA sells a game-used jersey, player doesn’t get a cut, but total sales do factor into basketball related income formula,” said Rovell via Twitter.

The identity of the owner was not released nor specific details of the auction.

The Cavs, despite James’ valiant efforts to lift an injury-depleted squad, fell in five meetings but not before the reigning MVP turned in one of the most impressive over-all performances in a finals series.

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