LeBron James says his best is yet to come as he prepares to plunge back into training
LeBron James still sees a lot of room for improvement in his game. AP

AFTER almost single-handedly taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals last season, LeBron James, one of the best basketball players of his generation, feels he can still improve next season.

A guest on Bleacher Report Radio, the NBA superstar told hosts Ethan Skolnick and Howard Beck that he believes he can be a “better player next year… again.”

“People always look at me sideways, saying, ‘How could you possibly get better?’” James said. “I just feel like I have a lot of room to improve, either from a basketball side of things or even from a leadership or a mental side of things that can help me be a better player. I’m looking forward to it.”

The former NBA MVP said that he will resume his workouts in late August before going “back to full strength” with two-a-day practices come September. Taking part in the gym sessions will be unnamed players from opposing teams and some of James’ teammates from the Cavs.

This August, James will visit China and said he will use the time to also watch film from the playoffs and NBA Finals to help him figure out what part of his game needs improvement.

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