Kobe Bryant conducts serenade of hate-turned-respect from fans and famous rivals in new Nike ad
The Maestro Kobe Bryant conducts his final symphony. Photo from Nike

Nike caps off its stellar tributes for the retiring Kobe Bryant with a brilliant TV spot that perfectly captures the effect Bryant's 20-year career had on players and fans alike.

In the short commercial titled 'The Conductor', Bryant portrays a maestro conducting his detractors as they voice out how they feel about him through the years.

It sums up part of the allure surrounding the man the basketball world calls 'The Black Mamba', where fans and rivals found it easy to hate on Bryant. But as the ad shows, the vitriol has since transformed into respect and admiration especially as Bryant's career neared its end.

Famous personalities had cameos in the commercial, including Bryant's former Laker coach Phil Jackson, rivals Paul Pierce and Rasheed Wallace, and even Benny the Bull mascot.

Watch the outstanding Nike send-off video below:

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