Kobe Bryant criticizes Knicks offense: ‘That ain’t no f***ing triangle, that’s a square’
Kobe Bryant comes up with 18 points, far off the 30.7 per game he had been averaging at MSG. AP

NEW York did get the win over Los Angeles and spoiled what could have been Kobe Bryant’s final game at madison Square Garden, but the Lakers star dissed the offense the Knicks were running.

A multiple champion in with the Lakers and its triangle offense, Bryant was caught telling Knicks fan and MSG courtside fixture Spike Lee “That ain’t no f***ing triangle, that’s a square.”

It does seem miles away from what the Lakers ran, although the persons calling the shots in New York are two of the main tacticians from LA — former coach Phil Jackson and point guard Derek Fisher, who are now Knicks president and head coach, respectively.

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