Kobe Bryant says improbable farewell game with Lakers still gives him goosebumps
Frequent Manila visitor Kobe Bryant is back to reconnect with his Filipino fans. Jaime Campos

KOBE Bryant said he still gets goosebumps when thinking about his final game as an NBA player.

In a fitting farewell, Bryant came up with 60 points to lifting the Los Angeles Lakers to a thrilling 101-96 win over the Utah Jazz.

"It’s surreal," Bryant said, during the Mamba Mentality Tour press conference on Saturday, adding that if that final game was a movie, no one would believe the ending.

“If you are writing a script for a film, and that was the end of the film, you have to rewrite the script,” said Bryant.

“There’s no way this is happening. People will sit there and watch the film and go ‘Naaa!.” I can’t believe that it happened that way.”

Bryant said the Lakers have always been in his heart since he was young.

“That is always my dream. I also dreamed of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. At the end of that last game, I told to myself that I can’t believe what is actually happening that I played for my favorite organization and my favorite city,” said Bryant.


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