Jordan Clarkson Twitter account taken over by hacker
Jorsdan Clarkson has yet to announce his actions after his social media account was hacked. Jaime Campos

THE Twitter account of Jordan Clarkson was maliciously taken over by a hacker on Saturday.

This is the second episode for the popular Filipino-American guard of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The first indicator that something was amiss was when the account tweeted, “Oh well boys, dating a Kardashian isn’t as good as you think” a reference to his relationship with celebrity Kendall Jenner.

This was soon followed by a verbal attack on recently retired Kobe Bryant and his other Laker teammates.

The hacker even identified himself as “Chikri” and even invited netizens to follow him on Instagram.

Clarkson has yet to retrieve his account as of this writing.

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