Lakers willing to trade Jordan Clarkson to clear cap space and lure big-name free agents next season
The plans are not definite, and Jordan Clarkson has this season to boost his stock even as rookie Lonzo Ball looks set to take over the Lakers backcourt. Jaime Campos

THE Los Angeles Lakers look to be doing well in their rebuild, but Jordan Clarkson may not be a part of future plans.

Reports said the Lakers are considering moving the Fil-American guard to clear cap space and boost their chances of luring two big name players in free agency.

Clarkson is slated to make US$37.5 million over the next three years and moving him would help hike the Lakers’ spending power next summer.

Without him the Lakers are projected to have about US$59.4 million next summer.

Paul George has been considered the top target but it has also been said the Lakers are gearing up to acquire LeBron James or Russell Westbrook.

Lakers president Magic Johnson has moved 2015 No. 2 draft pick D’Angelo Russell and big man Timofey Mozgov, the Russian big man who was part of the Cavaliers’ championship run in 2015.

One person within the organization who isn't permitted to speak publicly on the subject told Bleacher Report the team is confident it can move Clarkson if needed to open space.

Luol Deng is also a big contract player that can be moved along with Julius Randle to raise the Lakers’ spending power next summer to about US76 million, which should be enough to accommodate two max contract players like James or Westbrook. 

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