Joakim Noah skips Knicks dinner with West Point cadets: 'I don't understand kids killing kids'

JOAKIM Noah said he decided not to attend a team dinner with West Point cadets was due to his “anti-war” stance.

The 31-year old New York Knicks center refused to attend the event, saying he is anti-war and anti-violence, accoding to the USA Today.

The activity was part of the Knicks’ training camp.

The US Military Academy said in a stetement is is “disappointed and feel Mr. Noah’s choice of West Point to make a statement is inappropriate because of the great sacrifice that has originated from this institution over our Nation’s history.”

Noah said he is not making a stand: "I just don't unerstand kids killing kids."

An outspoken pacifist who holds French, Swedish and American citizenships, Noah joined the Knicks in the offseason.

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