Kevin Durant to Nuggets fan heckling him from courtside: 'We'll sweep your ass'
Kevin Durant had a savage response to a Nuggets fan taunting them after the Warriors lost in Denver. AP

THE Denver Nuggets won the battle on the basketball court against the Golden State Warriors with an emphatic  132-110 rout on Monday (Tuesday, Manila time). But Kevin Durant won the word war after the match.

The Nuggets tied an NBA record with 24 triples in blowing out the Warriors and keep a tight lock on the eighth spot in the Western Conference standing with a 25-30 record, two games ahead of the Portland Trailblazers and Sacramento Kings.

Should Denver seal the last spot in the playoffs, a potential clash with top seed Golden State looms, and one Nuggets fan rode the euphoria of their win in taunting the Warriors team heading to the dugout after the loss.

“See you in the playoffs,” the unidentified fan shouted.

Durant, though, had an epic comeback. Watch:

Durant’s ‘Yeah, we’ll sweep your ass’ response is bound to add some much-needed drama if a Warriors-Nuggets playoffs clash happens.

It’s the kind of fuel that could motivate a young Denver squad to prove Durant wrong, or could push the Warriors to back up the bold claim of their star forward.

Either way, basketball fans win with a potentially entertaining first-round matchup. 

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