NBA player Evan Fournier plays ball with Palawan kids in dirt court
Evan Fournier is enjoying a taste of Philippine basketball in Palawan. Screen grab from Fournier's IG account

EVAN Fournier is having a blast, warming up to the Philippine style of basketball months before playing for France in the Fiba Olympic Qualifiers in Manila.

In an Instagram post, Fournier was seen along with a companion playing with several kids in Palawan on a half-cement, half-dirt basketball court.

Fournier was seen in the video missing a shot but his teammate was able to collar the offensive rebound and score on the putback.

"Just had an incredible time with these guys in #Palawan," wrote Fournier.

The Orlando Magic and France cager added he was amazed with how the kids loved the game of basketball.

"We played basketball and had so much fun! I am blessed to be able to play in the @NBA but I never played for the money or the fame. I always played for the love of the game," wrote Fournier before using the popular NBA tagline #ThisIsWhyWePlay.

On Tuesday, Fournier posted a photo of him shooting hoops at a court attached to a tree. A check of his Instagram feed also revealed that Fournier had previoulsy posted a photo on a basketball court as well.

Fournier will return to the Philippines in July where he plays for France in the Fiba Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

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