Former Bulls guard Jay Williams says NBA players bet tens of thousands of dollars on rock-paper-scissors because they ‘get bored’
Jay Williams, who two years ago said his Bulls teammates smoked pot before games, says there's gambling among players during plane rides.

WHILE the addiction of a number of athletes to no-limit poker, golf wagers, horse racing, aside from betting on their own matches, has been written more than a few times, it was intriguing to hear there are also high-stakes games in the planes for away matches.

Former Chicago Bulls playmaker turned college basketball analyst Jay Williams revealed dice games in the cabin can set a player back as much as US$100,000 and players even bet $US 20,000 on rock-paper-scissors because they “get bored.”

“All day long, why wouldn’t you? You get bored,” said Williams, the second overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft behind Yao Ming.

Of course, those games are not for the superstars.

“I didn’t see MJ gamble with the dice in the corner,” Williams said.

The former national college champion with Duke, whose NBA career was cut short by a motorcycle accident in 2003, wouldn’t reveal on The Brilliant Idiots podcast how much he lost in such games.

“I gotta save that for my book, though,” said Williams, who last signed with the Austin Toros in the D-League in 2006 but was released due to injury.  

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