LISTEN Cavaliers' Iman Shumpert, who just signed a $40M contract, takes shot at freeloaders in new rap song
A key support player for Cavaliers main man LeBron James, winger Iman Shumpert recently signed a $40 million contract. AP

NBA player and rap artist Iman Shumpert vented his frustration through a new song, telling listeners how it feels when everyone wants a share of your hard-earned money.

The Cavaliers wing, who recently signed a four-year $40 million contract, uploaded “290 west” on his Soundcloud Page, calling out friends and even family.

The flow is smooth, and the message clear.

“I hear the sad stories  and get long texts like dawg I hate to ask for it, but who needs help, who wants handouts? It’s hard not to reach my hands down,”

Below the track posting is a message, Shumpert explains it a bit, including the title, a route he takes on the way home.

"The point of the song was to make the listener feel like they're riding with me back home in Chicago as we head out west to my mother's house," Shumpert posted on the page.

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