Space Jam 2 teaser? Watch Blake Griffin battle Marvin the Martian in a dunk contest 
Blake Griffin, with his Jordan Super.Fly 4 takes on Marvin the Martian.

LEBRON James has signed partnership with Warner Bros.

Now Blake Griffin is battling Marvin the Martian in a dunk contest.

Is Space Jam 2 coming soon?

[See LeBron James’ company signs partnership with Warner Bros. for possible television and movie projects]

“I can’t compete with that, I’m just a super talented human,” says Griffin as he battled Marvin.

But then Bugs saves the day.  

The video titled “The Dunk to End All Dunks” was made to promote Griffin’s recently launched Jordan Super.Fly 4.

But it could also a nice teaser to a sequel to the 1996 film starring MJ and Bugs.


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