Allen Iverson thinks NBA too soft with trend of team-mandated rests for stars
Top players of even the lowly teams get rest during back-to-backs, but Allen Iverson says he would "never, ever, ever sit out a game if something wasn’t broke." AP 

ALLEN Iverson might have had problems with practice, but not with playing in games.

“I would never, ever, ever sit out a game if something wasn’t broke or I just simply couldn’t play,” said the newly inducted Basketball Hall of Famer during the game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday (Sunday, Manila time).

Iverson, said in an interview with ESPN he would have a “big problem” with his coach over team-mandated rests of healthy star players that have become a trend in the league.

"It's different to me. I never thought anything like that would happen. A guy like myself would compete night in and night out -- tired, hurt -- you know what I mean? It doesn't matter,” said Iverson. “But to each his own. If it helps those guys and helps their team, then so be it."

The issue became a hot topic early this week after the Cleveland Cavaliers traveled to Memphis in the second game of a back-to-back against the Grizzlies minus its ‘Big 3’ of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

"It would have been a big problem. It would have definitely been a big problem,” said Iverson, who once ranted about the need to attend practice. “We would have had it out. And hopefully I would have come out on top."

In a ceremony at the Wells Fargo in Philadelphia, the former NBA MVP received his Hall of Fame jacket from NBA legend and Sixers great Julius “Dr. J” Erving at center court. 

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