Yong Garcia takes over as CafeFrance coach as Egay Macaraya focuses on Stags role
Yong Garcia bares he will have an all-CEU lineup for CafeFrance in the D-League. Jaime Campos

YONG Garcia is ready to take on the challenge as the new head coach of CafeFrance in the coming PBA D-League Foundation Cup.

Garcia has been appointed as head coach of the Bakers for the coming Foundation Cup with Egay Macaraya sliding to a consultant role. Macaraya is also the head coach of San Sebastian, whose NCAA season will run smack into the Foundation Cup schedule.

Garcia said the team will be an all-Centro Escolar University cast led by Rodrigue Ebondo as the Bakers look to win a title following their conquest of the 2015 Foundation Cup conference.

“As a new head coach, the challenge on my part is to meet the expectations of management, CEU, and CafeFrance. More importantly, I’ll do my best to maintain the current status of CEU-CaféFrance, and hopefully, if given a chance, mag-improve pa,” said Garcia.

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