Baby Lancers denied new pairs of shoes for next Cesafi season after involvment in series of brawls
University of Visayas team manager Gerald Anthony ‘Samsam’ Gullas has put his foot down on the Baby Lancers' involvement in yet another pre-season basket-brawl.

CEBU CITY - University of Visayas team manager Gerald Anthony ‘Samsam’ Gullas was so incensed with the involvement of the school’s junior basketball squad in a free-for-all during a Cesafi preseason tournament that he decided to hit the Baby Lancers where it really hurts.

With the new Cesafi (Cebu Schools Athletic Federation Inc) season just a few weeks away, the youthful solon put his foot down and announced the high school team - coaches and utility staff included - will not be receiving its new pairs of shoes for the upcoming competition.

The Baby Lancers engaged the Don Bosco Greywolves in a brawl during the dying seconds of their game last Sunday, eventually leading to the suspension of 11 players from each team, while also fined for a combined P110,000 or P55,000 each school.

“We will pay the fines. While all coaches, players, and utility members of the Baby Lancers will not be receiving shoes as ‘issue’ from UV. Even if only 10 players are involved, this is a team sport.

"So everyone will be treated the same. They all have to learn the hard way that I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. One incident is one too many,” said Gullas in a talk with

The Baby Lancers were also involved in an earlier incident during a game with heated rival Ateneo de Cebu in the same tournament. The Magis Eagles alleged that one of their players was punched during a sudden power outage in the middle of the match.

“I am very disappointed by the action of both our coaches and players in the recent incident in Cordova. These are not the principles and values we teach our students and athletes in the University of Visayas. We will accept the penalties imposed by Cesafi,” Gullas added.


Gullas and the rest of the UV basketball program have been hard at work in rebuilding the reputation of the institution especially after an incident in the town of Medellin last year which saw the Green Lancers walk out of their exhibition match against the University of San Carlos Warriors.

“That's why I'm very disappointed. After the Medellin incident I thought we took a step forward,” he said.

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