Things come full circle for Britt Reroma as veteran Cebuano coach wins title with USC Warriors
High school basketball champion coach in the NCAA, Britt Reroma has found gold once again with USC in Cesafi. Japhet Lim

CEBU CITY — From Cebu to Manila and back again, University of San Carlos head coach Britt Reroma has come full circle. And as he reflected on his long journey back to the top of the mountain after stepping off his post at NCAA juniors powerhouse San Beda, he said that it was destiny that brought him back to Cebu and put him in the position to end USC’s long title drought.

He’s now in United States where he immediately flew to after their series-clinching win on Tuesday to attend his sister’s wedding, and Reroma is obviously still on a championship high.

“It’s the greatest feeling getting our first championship after 57 years,” said Reroma on Thursday morning.’

“I think it’s really destiny that brought me home back to Cebu. I’m just blessed that God put me in the right place and at the right time to guide the team and achieve the goal for USC,” said the fiery mentor who got discovered and recruited to play for San Beda when he was only 13 years old by legendary high school coach Ato Badolato.

After leading the Red Cubs to their fourth straight high school title in the NCAA back in 2012, Reroma curiously stepped down from his post citing personal reasons.

Not long after, he resurfaced to coach USC’s high school squad but took a hiatus just after one season to coach Laskar Dreya South Sumatra in the Asean Basketball League.

But after former Warriors head coach Junthy Valenzuela left his post followingthe runner-up finish in 2014, the school quickly tapped Reroma to take over.

Reroma knew he had inherited the needed tools to go all the way to the top.

“As a person I am always optimistic. I have always believed that the team will be champions this season. We really prepared hard. I know the team had a lot of good individuals. We the coaching staff just had to make sure that they were playing for the front of their jersey not at the back,” shared Reroma.


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