‘Special assistant’ Ian Alapag serves up inspiration for coach, Alab Pilipinas
Ian Alapag joined Alab at the bench and at the postgame interview. Photo from ABL

BANGKOK — All season long, LJ Moreno and the Alapag kids have been a consistent presence for Alab Pilipinas and coach Jimmy Alapag.

They made the trip to the Thai capital to support the squad, and took it a step further with young Ian at the bench.

The five-year-old has been installed an Alab assistant, according to the first-year-head coach, and seemed to bring good luck as the Philippine-based club took a 2-1 series lead to inch closer to the ABL title.

“It’s funny now because now that I’m coaching, he is my special assistant,” said Alapag.

The first-year coach emerged from the locker room before Game Three with Ian, the father and son wearing matching shirts and ties.

Ian later joined the postgame press conference at the Stadium 29.

Alapag said his five-year-old son as well as his daughter Keona have remained a big motivation for him in his first year as a head coach.

“If you guys remember him during my last season with Meralco, he was the biggest reason why I played,” said Alapag.

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