Here's why Alab will be rooting for Standhardinger, HK in final match of ABL season
Christian Standhardinger and Hong Kong Eastern will take on Chong Son Kung Fu in the final game of the ABL season, which will have crucial implications of the playoffs. ABL photo

SAN Miguel Alab Pilipinas has guaranteed itseld atleast the No. 3 spot in the ABL playoffs following back-to-back victories over CLS Knights Indonesia to close the eliminations.

But the Philippine squad still has an outside chance at clinching one of two outright berths to the semifinals.

As it is, the fortunes of San Miguel Alab Pilipinas to take an outright berth in the semifinals now rest on the result of Christian Standhardinger and the rest of the Hong Kong Eastern.

Hong Kong Eastern plays the Chong Son Kung Fu on Wednesday in the final regular season game of the ABL, a match that will dictate where the two teams as well as Alab Pilipinas will end up in the playoffs.

Here are the scenarios:

The current standings is as follows:

Chong Son 14-5
Hong Kong 14-5
Alab 14-6
Mono Vampire 14-6
Singapore 12-8
Saigon 10-10

The top two teams at the end of the regular season will move to the semifinals outright, while the next four squads will play in two best-of-three quarterfinals with the higher-seeded teams getting homecourt advantage.

A triple-tie for second is already guaranteed and the deadlock will be broken through the win-loss records of the teamsĀ involved in the tie.

Here are the head-to-head match-ups between Chong Son, Alab Pilipinas, and Mono Vampire.

Chong Son def. Alab, 92-79
Alab def. Chong Son, 94-91
Chong Son def. Mono Vampire, 113-93
Mono Vampire def. Chong Son, 105-92
Alab def. Mono Vampire, 114-87
Alab def. Mono Vampire, 86-84.

Here are the head-to-head match-ups between Hong Kong, Alab Pilipinas, and Mono Vampire

Hong Kong def. Alab Pilipinas, 92-89
Hong Kong def. Alab Pilipinas, 99-96
Hong Kong def. Mono Vampire, 112-105
Mono Vampire def. Hong Kong, 119-111
Alab def. Mono Vampire, 114-87
Alab def. Mono Vampire, 86-84.

The scenario is simple: Hong Kong wins and Alab Pilipinas takes the semifinal berth as Alab Pilipinas (3-1) has a superior win-loss records between Chong Son (2-2) and Mono Vampire (1-3).


Chong Son wins and Alab Pilipinas stays at No. 3 and plays in the quarterfinals since Hong Kong (3-1) having a better record than Alab Pilipinas (2-2) and Mono Vampire (1-3).

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