Five Pinoy Pre-Game Rituals

Many athletes have a pre-game ritual that they believe gives positive juju for getting the "W." Even in your neighborhood liga, you’re bound to run into a competitor who has a pre-game habit that gets him in the groove for game day. It's all about getting into the right mindset: from a psychological standpoint, when you feel confident, you’re bound to perform at your best. So if you find yourself in a bit of rut, try out any of these five rituals. Your luck might just turn around.

Pre-Game Ritual #1: Wear the same socks and shoes combo
Many athletes swear by this. And when you keep winning, who’s going to argue with that, right? Just make sure you wash your socks and air out your kicks—confidence is one thing, but so is hygiene.

Pre-Game Ritual #2: Eat your favorite food
Psychological studies have found that eating your favorite food activates the parts of the brain that influences mood. When you’re in a good mood, you’ll be psyched to play, too. So go ahead: order that burger or those chicken wings. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to digest your pre-game meal.

Pre-Game Ritual #3: Listen to your favorite jam
Listening to your favorite tunes also influences your mood. That’s why many pro athletes have headphones on and just chill before games. It doesn’t matter what song it is; as long as it relaxes you and makes you feel good, you’ll benefit from the boost come game time.

Pre-Game Ritual #4: Change your travel routine
If you’ve been losing games and playing in the same court or field, try taking a different route the next game and park at a different spot. Heck, even park your car in a different direction from the previous games. Local slang calls this, “pahiyang.” Sometimes, little changes like these help change your luck. Just make sure you don't rely on it completely and still haul ass on court.

Pre-Game Ritual #5: Shave on game day
Facial hair mixed with sweat can lead to an icky and itchy feeling during game time. When the clock is counting down and every point counts, you will need to be confident and feel your best. Shaving is a pre-game ritual that makes you feel fresh and light, so you can keep your head in game. Not sure which razor to use? Invest in a razor that gives you a smooth and long-lasting shave, like the Gillette Mach3. It feels better than a new disposable razor, even after 10 shaves, so you look neat and snazzy, on and off the court.

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