Five MVP habits to practice off the court


Becoming an MVP takes more than just being a star player during game time. It’s something that demands dedication both on and off the court — it’s a matter of always having a winning attitude and the right mindset, not to mention the discipline to keep yourself in peak physical condition at all times. If you want to unleash your true MVP potential, here are 5 habits you should start following now: 
Keep a proper diet. 
Eating right is not just about cutting back on fatty or carbs-heavy food. To stay fit and healthy, you need to have a balanced diet, which means taking in food in the right proportions. You can also give counting calories a go, as it’s an effective way to stay on top of what you eat. Whatever your diet, make sure you eat strategically for your next activity; you can carbo-load before a marathon, or load up on protein before a lifting session at the gym, for example.

Get sufficient rest.
While athletes should definitely devote a good amount of their time to training and exercise, losing sleep over it is not a good idea. According to this report, adults require 7-9 hours of sleep every night to keep their minds and bodies in top shape. Getting enough sleep helps keep you more alert and focused, while at the same time preventing physical sluggishness.

Follow a dedicated workout regimen.
It's important to stay in shape, even in the off-season, to avoid having to work double-time and straining yourself when next season starts. Take some time to understand the physical demands of your sport (such as long-distance running for football and weight-lifting for basketball) and develop a workout routine you can follow throughout the year.

Maintain proper hygiene.
Logging in hours at the gym and on the court might be necessary to getting you to the best physical state possible, but what you do after that is just as important. Always remember to give yourself a good scrub down after each practice session or game, and make sure you don’t forget to clean your hair. A lot of sweat and dirt get trapped in your hair, which can ultimately lead to an itchy and flaky scalp. Avoid the discomfort by washing daily with Head & Shoulders Cool Blast Shampoo. Its Tri-Action formula will cleanse, moisturize, and protect your hair and scalp, so you’ll always be dandruff-free every time you step foot on the court.

Practice good grooming habits.
An intense round of training or practice might leave you a sweaty, unkempt, and tired mess, but that’s no excuse to let your grooming fall to the wayside. You’d be surprised how much a good shower and shave can do to revive your spirits. The act and ritual of it all will soothe your nerves, and the results will also give you a sorely-needed confidence boost. Maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance with Gillette Mach3. It'll give you a smooth and long-lasting shave that feels better on your skin, even after 10 shaves, than a new disposable razor.

When you’re an athlete, more of than not, training, exercise, and your next game take up most of your thoughts. It’s important, though, to devote just as much attention to keeping your body and mind healthy. Good grooming and hygiene are easy to overlook, but true MVP’s know to give them due time and effort as well, since they’ll go a long way to making you look and feel like a champ.

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