Gatorade Manila Team Throwdown to test limits of the country's top crossfit enthusiasts
Unlike the first edition of the Manila Throwdown, the second leg will feature 60 teams from all over the country vying for the 'fittest team' tag on Saturday. Manila Throwdown

THE Gatorade Manila Team Throwdown will gather crossfit enthusiasts from boxes all over the Philippines to compete in Circuit Makati on Saturday to determine which is the 'fittest team' in the country.

The second leg of the Manila Throwdown will have teams composed of two guys and one female competing is what used to be a racehorse track that was converted into a mixed development that includes a sports component. 

Veteran teams from Manila, Pampanga, Davao, and Bacolod will face competition from newcomers Cebu and Baguio in the one-day tournament among squads that survived an arduous online qualifier consisting of three online workouts. 

The throwdown will have the teams going through five tough workouts starting with a routine that will test skills of double unders and how fast they can do box jumps.

The second workout is a test of how fast the men can row and do handstand pushups. Workout 3 will test how heavy teams can go with their snatches. Workout 4 will test how well teams strategize and maximize each other's strengths.

The final workout is a modification of a similar workout seen in the actual Crossfit Games Regionals. The Championship Workout will determine the overall champion.

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