Fil-Am Jackie Zapata a winner in more ways than one in Fit for Fashion Season 2
Jackie Zapata (middle), hugged by finalist Kyle Ramirez (far right), cries tears of joy when announced as Fit for Fashion Season 2 Winner, while fellow finalist Sam Gaskin (right) looks on and applaud.

SHE came, she saw, she conquered.

Filipino-American Jackie Zapata emerged the winner of Fit for Fashion Season 2, beating 13 of her fellow contestants in a series of grueling fitness and fashion challenges over the course of 10 weeks.

Fit for Fashion, the first-ever reality TV show that brings together fashion and fitness, helped Jackie cast off her insecurities, transform physically and mentally, and changed her outlook in life.

“I have changed in so many ways. I’ve lowered my body fat percentage, changed my composition, and improved my mobility and flexibility. I have abs too… yes, a six pack! When I look in the mirror now, I see a strong, lean, beautiful Jackie. And that gives me confidence to channel my inner fashionista,” Jackie said.

The New York City-based 32-year old came to the show with three objectives – to achieve happiness, health and confidence. Jackie’s determination saw her surpass tough rivals, fueled by the burning desire to get all the help she needed to pull herself out of her midlife slump.

On her journey to transformation, some of the challenges Jackie and her fellow contestants were put through include climbing a 60-foot rope net, being hoisted up into the air for their very first fashion shoot and overcoming an obstacle course set on a narrow 1000-foot pier.

The contestants were also asked to write, direct, style and perform their own fashion film, organize their own photo shoot with local children, and channel old Hollywood glamor in a classic black and white photo shoot.

Zapata will take home the grand prize money of US$100,000 courtesy of Fitness First, and a year’s worth of clothing from ZALORA.

Riaz Mehta, president and founder of Imagine Group, said: “Our motto is that we don’t just change bodies but we change lives. Jackie is a shining example of how Fit for Fashion can help the everyday person.


"At the start of the season, we promised that Season 2 would be bigger and better – and I believe we’ve delivered just that.”

Simon Flint, CEO of Fitness First Asia, agreed.

“At the heart of the show’s very premise is that fitness gives you confidence. I am proud that through this collaboration we have brought genuinely captivating and motivating stories to millions across the region and hopefully along the way we have sown the seeds of inspiration for viewers to embark on their own transformation journeys using the tools available to them, including our free CustomFit app, and the 10-Week Get Fit workout and nutrition programs.”

Jackie summarized her Fit for Fashion journey with a message to everyone" “I was just like you – and now I’m living proof that any regular person can make a change to improve his or her life one day at a time.

"Start by making a change, believe in yourself and remember the two rules in life: Rule number one, never give up. Rule number two, never forget rule number one.”

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