Dress to impress with this ultimate style and grooming guide for job interviews

GOOD news: you finally got a call back from your dream company inviting you for an interview!

But here also comes the pressing question: What exactly do you wear so you walk into the meeting room dressed to impress?

It takes seconds to make an impression, and this can carry onto the rest of the interview, so giving off a good first impression is crucial. They’ll be checking out your outfit before you even have the chance to open your mouth, so take dressing seriously fam!

Do your research

Before you even raid your closet and browse through your clothes, you should know what exactly you are looking for. Do research on the company’s culture (Cool creative in sneakers? Yuppie business casual vibe? Straight suit-and-tie life?) and adjust your outfit accordingly. You can check out its career site and social media accounts, or if you know anyone who works there, ask him/her. If you’re really, really unsure, you can also ask the HR for the dress code. Better safe than sorry!

Follow safe outfit equations

Once you know the company culture, how you should dress should be easy to figure out.

In a business professional setting, wear:


A suit jacket

Topman Suit Jacket in Navy, P5,195


Button-down shirt

Topman Button Down Oxford Shirt, P1,795


Suit pants

Topman Suit Trousers, P2,795



Burton Black Tie, P695
Dress shoes

Burton Black Oxfords, P3,595
If the company has more of a business casual set-up, put on:
A sleek blazer

Esprit Black Blazer, P9,798
Button down

Topman Button Down Oxford Shirt, P1,795
Tapered chinos

River Island Chino Pants, P2,599

Call It Spring Loafers, P3,295
Startups and most creative companies have a very casual vibe. In this case, you can be more laidback with your outfit:

Dress shirt

Superdry Dress Shirt, P5,649



Superdry Chino Pants, P4,349


Loafers or boat shoes

Sperry Boat Shoes, P5,795


In some cases, you can wear your trusty white trainers, too—save the J’s for later.

Something to keep in mind is to always err on the side of smart over casual. In job interviews, it’s better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed. Avoid baggy and loose fits and opt for a satchel than a big backpack (what are you even carrying, my man?). Opt for neutral colors and avoid wearing loud prints even if it’s the rage.

Pay attention to grooming


Even though you may have the perfect outfit already, this can all go to waste if they’re not properly washed or ironed. In the same way, make sure that you pay your barber a visit and have your hair neat and tidy. Your beard should be properly groomed and shaved.

Take the time to trim and clean your nails because people will notice that more than you think. More importantly avoid wearing heavy perfume as this may irritate your interviewer in case he/she has allergies. You wouldn’t want her to remember your perfume more than your answers, right?

Attitude goes a long way

More often than not, it’s better to buckle down on the swag a little bit but still maintain a confident persona. While you may have impressed the hiring manager with your resume, the difference between landing the job and getting rejected will ultimately come from that short 30-minute interview with the boss.



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