Choose the bag that works for your personality and budget from these stylish picks under P2000

THE road to achieving your personal style is mainly an exercise in trial and error.

It requires many hours of devouring fashion magazines, looking at celebrity OOTDs like you’re in your second puberty. You’ve since mastered shoosing your shoes, how to wear shirts properly, and what kind of trousers to match with them. Now, you’re ready to take on the final frontier of menswear: bags.

With all the money you’ve spent on self-care and personal growth through style and clothing, it’s understandable if you think bags now fall under non-essentials. But it doesn’t have to be that way, certainly not when you’re carrying gadgets and the tools of your trade.

There are bags out there that can carry all the things you need for a day and fit within your modest budget:


Rugged yet polished

Backpacks have always been as reliable as they are roomy. This rucksack by Zero Gravity MNL is painfully in style these days that it’s hard to pass up. At P1,850, this one’s a steal.


The handy carrier

If you simply need something to hold your essentials and your EDC-approved pocket knife, try an artisan leather organizer. Considering that this will accrue a lot of mileage, the P1,080 price tag is justified.


Sporty spice

We can’t all be Dwayne Johnson, but we can still go to the gym and let everyone smell what we’re cooking if we’re carrying this number from Under Armour. This comes at a rock bottom price of P1,995.


The straight up nerd

The thieves and pickpockets of MNL will have a much harder time earning their day’s keep with a bag like this. Ozuko’s laptop bag comes with an anti-theft feature using a little zipper magic. This will set you back P1,999, but you can’t be cheap when it comes to your tech gear!



Stylish paperboy

This canvas messenger bag from Zalora comes in at only P599. A bargain, considering that similar satchels from bigger brands will cost you this quarter’s insurance premium.


Soldier on

This digitized camo travel bag from The Venture Pack is reasonably priced at P1,099. It folds up nicely and won’t take up a ton of closet space when not in use.


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