Tough to hold back tears after watching this heartwarming ad made by a student for adidas
The commercial done by German film school student Eugen Mehrer has gotten no interest from adidas but has moved the world instead.

GERMAN film school student Eugen Mehrer may have gotten no response from adidas for the commercial he pitched for the sports apparel and footwear giant. But in turn, his touching creation moved the world.

Mehrer, a filmmaking student at the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg, created an inspiring video entitled ‘Break Free’ and told The Huffington Post he tried sending his work to adidas but has reportedly received no response. 

The 26-year-old Mehrer posted the video on his YouTube account last December and has gained 362,172 views as of posting time. While it’s not massively viral, Mehrer’s piece has been making the rounds in social media for its moving portrayal of a former marathon runner languishing in a retirement home.

‘Break Free’ tells the story of a 79-year-old ex-marathon runner Karl who decides to leave the boring and restricting life inside the nursing home, a decision sparked after discovering his old adidas running shoes. He slips on the shoes and his old marathon outfit but keeps getting foiled by nurses in his attempts to make a run for it.

Grab a tissue box just in case tears flow after watching the 1:40 minute-long clip until its inspiring end. 

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