LeBron once again gives a nod to Pinoy fans with release of Soldier 12 'Agimat' shoes
The Nike LeBron Soldier 12 “Agimat” will be made available first in the Philippines starting on June 15 ahead of its worldwide release date.  

LEBRON James has lost the first two games of the NBA Finals, but he’s set to win the hearts of Filipinos once again with the latest shoe in his Solider line.

Underlining his affinity with Filipinos anew, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is set to unveil the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 “Agimat” that will be made available on June 15 worldwide.  

A pair of the latest shoe sells for P6,745 and will be available at Nike Park and Titan Branches.

The Lebron Soldier 12 has a simplified strap, lower collar, and a circular knit upper that is a “symbol of toughness,” just like the Filipino, according to Nike Senior Footwear designer Jason Petrie.  

Compared to last year’s release of the LeBron 14 “Agimat" this year’s version also carries the line “Mula Mandirigma Sa Mandirigma” (From One Warrior to Another), making it James’ gift to Filipino warriors on the court.  

The acronym “MNL” and the number 330 stand for Manila and LeBron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio, respectively, while the blazing flame represents the country’s many volcanoes and LeBron’s intense passion. Four stars remind everyone of James’ four MVP awards. Finally, a steep mountain is a subtle nod to the terrain of the Philippines and James’ relentless drive to be the best to ever play.


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