Nike hints at release of new, screen-accurate MAG shoes from 'Back to the Future II'
A pair similar to these Nike MAG put on display during Sole Slam 8 were reputedly bought by celebrity Billy Joe Crawford for a 'six figure' sum from a local reseller. Rhoel V Fernandez

“GREAT Scott!”

Back n the 1980s, Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox played teen protagonist Marty McFly in the popular ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy where he and eccentric inventor Dr. Emmett Brown (portrayed by Christopher Lloyd) were time travelers in a heavily modified DeLorean sports car.

One of the film franchises' most enduring legacies is a pair of unique Nike shoes that McFly wore when he traveled from 1985 to 2015 in ‘Back to the Future II’. With LED displays on the strap, heel counter and outsole plus a cool self-lacing feature, the high top created by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield (of Air Jordan fame) instantly became a fan favorite among sneaker fiends who placed it on top of their wish lists.

Fans petitioned Nike for several years to make the iconic model available to the public. Finally acceeding to the calls in 2011, the company rolled out a limited number of the first version, dubbed the Nike MAG, which had the lights but not the power laces, the absence of which was mentioned in a commercial that featured NBA star Kevin Durant, comedian Bill Hader, Hatfield and Doc Brown.

Proceeds from the auction of 1,500 pairs went to the research of Parkinson’s Disease (Fox is one of those afflicted with the condition).

Local celebrity Billy Joe Crawford has one of the coveted pairs and has worn it in public, notably in the noontime variety program 'Showtime!'. It's not known how much the shoes went for but Crawford, a sneakerhead, reputedly paid a local reseller an amount in the 'six figures' range.      

In January this year, Tinker Hatfield told Nice Kicks sneaker blog that his team was working on a newer, screen-accurate MAG with power laces and set to release in October.

On Wednesday (Tuesday, October 20, US time), Nike made a cryptic announcement on Twitter to Fox:



Thursday is October 21, 2015 US time. Some of the technologies highlighted in ‘Back to the Future II’ such as flying cars, food hydrators and Mattel toy hoverboards remain pipe dreams.  But for the fans of the Chicago Cubs and sneakerheads waiting for a fully functioning Nike MAG, they’re hoping some predictions do come true.

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