Turn your trainers into smart shoes with a big tech boost from this small performance pod
Former Olympic road and track athlete Eduardo Buenavista with triathlon coach Don Velasco and Milestone Sports Philippines head of marketing Nico Lumauig and managing director Hitler Dulay at the Philippine launch of the Milestone Pod. Jham Mariano

HERE’s an affordable solution for athletes eager to get some of the benefits of smart shoes but have been held back by the limited choices — foot pods.

Instead trying to adjust to new trainers, athletes can upgrade any other shoe into smart shoes with equipment such as the MilestonePod.

Milestones Sports Philippines launched its simple and accurate training device on Saturday, providing local athletes an instrument that records more than 10 different metrics most of GPS watches provide.

Attached to running shoes, the device will provide simplified data including foot strike, cadence, ground contact and rate of impact.

“Through the device, anyone can track and improve their performance to a reasonable price,” said Milestones Sports Philippines managing director Hitler Dulay.

The device also matches with different platforms already being used by runners. It is compatible with select Polar, Suunto and Garmin Units and usable through running apps such as Zwift and Strava.

The Milestone pod is available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café, Flying Don  V Coaching, Multisport Hub and SwimbikeRun.ph.



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